19 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Ibiza

Our lovely Co-founder Anoesjcka spends half her time on the beautiful island of Ibiza, where much of the SODS operations take place.

She has written an invaluable list of what she’s learned over the years for tourists on her blog, which we wanted to share with you all today!

Below you’ll find a heap of insider recommendations, the places you must visit while you’re there, and a wonderfully detailed guide for your upcoming summer vacation.

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  1. Ibiza is basically a collection of nomads from all around the world. A universal island where everyone with a story comes to settle down, find home and live at peace with themselves.
  2. True Ibizans are no where to be found on the island during July and August. They avoid the chaos and rent out their homes those 2 months which equates to enough money to pay their bills for the rest of the year.
  3. If you are a croissant lover like I am, you’ll find the best non toasted croissant with ham and cheese at Harinus Av. d’Espanya. Food of the Gods. Trust me!
  4. Winter is THE MOST beautiful time to be on the island! Treat yourself and go off season.
  5. The best parties happen on the eve of 31st of October for Halloween. Ibizan lovers fly from all over the globe to be back on the island for that period. Just ask Kate and Naomi…. Bambuddha is the best place to go. No faffing with tickets and you’ll only get your foot in the door through personal invitation. Get on it!halloween party ibiza
  6. Not that I want to give away all my secrets but the best beaches on the island are in the South West. Southwest is best!
  7. If you want to visit probably the most coolest store in the world… you need to go to Sluiz. A mix of Spanish labels and beyond crazy store front displays. You will leave there feeling like you have been on a trip for sure.
  8. The island’s cosmopolitan martini is NOT what we know as a Sex and the City cosmopolitan. One of those potent babies is probably the equivalent of a few shots of Absinthe. Just ask my friend who danced on the bar counter not remembering a thing, and she apparently never danced on a counter… yeah yeah. Be warned!
  9. Restaurants in Ibiza are now offering menus picked freshly from the garden. You can literally pick what you want on your plate. Try La Paloma.
  10. For a great spa or pool day go to the beautiful place called Atzaro.
  11. Sunset Ashram is a favourite and a must visit. You are guaranteed the most beautiful sunset.
  12. A short walk from Sunset Ashram is a hidden gem of a beach. I can’t say much as locals will not be very happy with me, but it’s worth doing a little investigation. Good Luck!
  13. For all the mums: Canadian brand – CANADA HOUSE, with the best quality fabrics and super cute designs is in Ibiza town. Very well priced too. They have 2 shops, of which one is an outlet. Find one and you’ll found the other. I know people who visit Ibiza just to go buy the clothes.
  14. My favourite clothing shop at the moment is also in Ibiza town. It is called Extart & Panno. Great designs especially if you are on the taller side.
  15. is a new club that just opened where Space used to be. It is super trendy and an older crowed. The DJ line up is something to definitely check out on your trip.
  16. If you are looking for a bit of soul clearance or wanting to get rid of any annoying work stress that still lingers in your head on holiday, or even deeper issues that are still crippling your growth, google ‘Ibiza hypnotherapist Amanda’ to get rid of all that unwanted and unnecessary baggage.
  17. If you want even more healing energy, visit Es Vedra. It is a dragon shaped island with the 3rd most strongest magnetic power on the planet. Airplanes have to fly around it as it causes navigational instruments to go haywire in the vicinity of Es Vedra. People from all over flock to the island for its healing qualities over severe illnesses.
  18. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena has undoubtedly the best view in the North. Sadly you need to be a guest to enjoy the pool but book a lunch or a spa treatment and soak up the beauty.screen-shot-2017-07-10-at-11-01-41
  19. Love the diversity of Ibiza. On beaches you’ll see nudists who wont dare to put an animal based product on their body, next to a hard core party-goer who just came from Pasha. Everything is done to the extreme and everyone respects each others choices. It is not absorbed by celebrity culture and absolutely anything goes. The world should learn from Ibizans.

Enjoy your Summer everyone!

With love,

Anoesjcka xx

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