New shopping and showcase site seeks emerging fashion and lifestyle designers



A new “highly innovative” shopping site is set to launch in Spring 2016 with the aim of championing emerging British fashion and lifestyle designers and students, including those offering one-off and individual items.

Students of Design (SODS) is the brainchild of three business women Lindy Staadecker, Anoesjcka Gianottiand Michelle Parekh, and the trio are actively seeking brands and designers to feature on the site, which they describe as a “multi-distribution and marketing platform generating opportunities for talented students and young designers”.

SODS offers emerging designers and students the chance to meet with buyers, learn from industry professionals and work in an environment that enables them to start or enhance their own design-related business. Its aim is to “create, nurture and promote both new and more established confident, self-sufficient entrepreneurs who will in turn create jobs and prospects for others in the creative industries”.

The site offers designers a vehicle to both sell and exhibit their work with no set-up cost, manage sales and the backend of their business, plus it can act as the agent for designers should they need representation. It will also serve as a base where product and fashion designers can collaborate and be introduced to professionals working in exhibition, event management, surface design and other creative industries.

Staadecker conceived the idea for SODS while a mature student at the University of the Arts London and was inspired by the work of students who created one-off garments in high-quality fabrics. Fashion designer Gianotti and business consultant Parekh came on board to bring the project to life.

The team say they have ambitions to “make SODS a global brand, bring exciting new products to a current stale market, solve students’ problems of debt, help small British manufacturers get busier and bring local talent and production back to the UK.

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