Introducing our brand new name: Seekers of Design

It’s a super exciting time here at SODS HQ, and we’re in the middle of some fabulous transformations – perhaps the biggest one being our bold decision to change our name from Students of Design, to Seekers of Design.

Last year was a year of huge growth and development for us as a brand. We took on many new designers, our range expanded, and an incredible collaboration was born with one of the most inspirational independent designers of all time – Vivienne Westwood.

The word ‘students’ suddenly felt out of alignment with the strength and wisdom our brand now encapsulates. We wanted a new word that would accurately represent all of our designers, our story so far, and all that we have built together. We also wanted a word that would conjure a feeling of inspiration, energy, and the movement we are steadily creating across the world.

We truly are Seekers of Design.

We are on a mission to scope out the very best talent, across cities, countries, and continents. We are in search of unique creations, made with love, and giving the designers of our future a platform on which to begin their journey. We are shining a spotlight on the true artists of our world, the ones who pour their heart and soul into everything they produce, and are setting their own trends instead of following them.

Here’s to the seekers: those will not stop until they find what they’re looking for.

We’re excited for what 2018 has in store for SODS, and invite you to continue on this incredible journey with us.



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